Meet me,
UPF Mozambique.

Hi Jessica! Tell me more about you! My name is Jessica da Silva, I’m 29 years old and from Maputo. I have a degree in Financial Management and Banking and was living in Pemba for 4 years. I love to travel, get to know new cultures, meet people and try new gastronomic experiences. I love cooking and kickboxing has become my favorite activity.

What is your background in the industry? I had been in the industry for more than a year when I had the opportunity to move to Maputo last year to join UPF Group as an Administrative and Regional Sales. The administrative part was familiar to me, so the challenge was to develop my sales skills with the ability of identify potential clients, offer them our best service/assistance and make them a satisfied and loyal client. I’m very proud I accepted this challenge because I can now see how I have grown professionally.

What is role at the office? Basically, my day-to-day work is to stay in contact with clients and suppliers in order to identify new opportunities, organize meetings, coordinate operations and legal processes involved as well as making sure that all runs perfectly and support all office activities.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? UPF is a whole new world of logistics for me and each day I’m learning something new that encourages me to get to know more about it, so in 5 years I see myself as an empowered and experienced woman capable of managing our projects efficiently and make the difference to every colleague and client that I work with. As the company is growing very fast, I believe that we have potential to become a recognized logistical company and preferred to our clients.