With a vision to make the logistics industry more personal, a new Finnish logistics company has set sail. UPF Finland Oy is ready to conquer the Finnish and European freight forwarding market with a special focus on project cargo.

UPF Finland Oy, which open the door for the first time 1st August 2023, is part of a newly established partner-driven logistics companies within the UPF Group. Based in Turku, Finland the new company will serve both Finnish and European customers. The newly established company is led by Managing Director Jussi Heinonen who, alongside his experienced colleague, approaches the task with many years of industry experience. The experience is supported by the investors including Lars Bonnesen, former founder of Scan Trans and currently Adm. Director of United Heavy Lift, Thomas Vestergaard former CCO of Tschudi Logistics among others.

Thomas Vestergaard, CEO of UPF Group, states that “we are very thrilled with the warm reception that UPF Group has already received globally and the great support we receive from our direct clients and, not least, European forwarders towards our African offices. I’m excited about expanding collaborations with customers in Finland and, above all, welcoming our new competent colleagues on board.”

Jussi Heinonen, the Managing Director of UPF Finland Oy, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and boasts over 15 years of industry experience. Jussi Heinonen began his career as a driver while juggling his studies and establishing a family at the same time. Following the studies, he commenced his professional journey as a project forwarder and later advancing to his former position as Managing Director for Tschudi Logistics in Turku, Finland. Jussi Heinonen says “I’m very excited about embarking on this new venture and aims to assemble a team of passionate, customer-oriented logistics experts with diverse knowledge from the transportation industry. Our focus is on providing excellent care for clients’ cargo, ensuring a sense of relaxation and trust, allowing them to concentrate on their core business while leaving transportation worries to us. Whether it’s on sea, land, or air, we prioritize making logistics a personal and seamless experience”.

UPF Finland Oy is a part of UPF Group, which has offices and partners all around the world. This gives the Finnish company a strong position when tackling global logistics tasks. The UPF Group has its own offices in Denmark, Finland, Tanzania, and Mozambique. New offices in Portugal, Angola, and several other African countries are under establishment

For further information please contact Jussi Heinonen, Managing Director for UPF Finland Oy. Mobile +358 44 980 5320 or e-mail JH@UPF.FI

About UPF Group

UPF is a group of logistics companies that provides all types of transportation modes with a special focus on European and African trade – however with a strong network of partners in Southeast Asia, China and US. The company was founded in 2023 and now established with own offices in Denmark, Finland, Tanzania and Mozambique. Portugal and a few more locations at the African continent are under establishment.