Meet me,

Hi Tomas! Tell me more about you! My name is Tomas Uschanow and I represent the experience brought by age and knowhow in this youthful crowd of transport professionals. After twenty years as an entrepreneur in shortsea liner shipping and logistics, it’s now interesting to be a part of an international well-organized company.

Having two grown up children living on their own, allows flexibility for me and my wife to do whatever we want. For example, I like to spoil my wife with nice prepared dinners, made by myself – of course.

When I’m not at work, you can find me cycling small countryside roads or on the bike saddle at the spinning gym and maybe from the swimming pool too. I also enjoy having a good time on the couch by the fireplace and a glass of good red wine in our villa built in 1927 in the southernmost part of Finland, a town called Hanko. “Every day is good, but some days are just a little better…”

What is your background for choosing the industry? I have always been interested in ships and seafaring. When I was younger I sailed on merchant ships and after that I have had a long working career in ports working with ships and international transports. I learned already at a young age that you don’t get rich in the transport industry, but you meet interesting people, see new places and always get something to drink and eat. Not for money, but for the love of international transports!

What is role at the office? As Sales Director for UPF Finland my main task is sales and promoting UPF to clients in Finland and Baltic countries. But there are also enough tasks in a small, newly established office; from watering flowers and making coffee to decorating and renovating, without forgetting snow plowing in wintertime.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Would prefer not to answer this question, as I am getting 60 next January, so most probably having a GT somewhere warm….