Meet me,
UPF Tanzania.

Hi Luther! Tell me more about you! My name is Luther, and I am from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I have a bachelor’s degree of Arts in Mass Communication and a CFFPC certificate from the Institute of Tax Administration. I am married and blessed with one daughter. I enjoy going on road trips with my family, learning about various cultures, meeting new people, and exploring new cultural experiences. If I am not on the road, I spend quality time at home.

What is your background for choosing the industry? Okay, I consider myself raised in a logistics household because my father owned a logistics company, and I happened to like the business terminologies and look of the documents he used to bring at home, such as BL’s, and this is what sparked the hidden skills in me for logistics. At the moment, I have a significant experience of 10+ years in the industry in which I have worked with global companies and in various positions junior to managerial roles currently, and I am honored to be part of the UPF Group as their Logistics Manager in Tanzania, where I am sure we will significantly make a change and even expand and take UPF to another level using my multicultural experience and talents in both customer service and operational expertise, under local regulations and requirements.

How will you make logistics personal, as our slogan say, “Logistic made personal”? At the end of the day, ‘’It’s just logistics’’ – the team that works together, stays together, and finds greatness together.

What is role at the office? As a logistics manager, my responsibility is to oversee and ensure customer satisfaction inside the organization by providing timely and correct service based on their inquiries, which includes negotiating with various suppliers for the best rates against service.

Strategically plan and manage logistics from documentation, clearance, and transportation to our clients while keeping track of the quality and efficiency of service and finding strategies to handle problems and potential disputes.

Last but not least, is important to maintain metrics, analyze the performance by meeting corporate costs and KPIs, and ensure productivity by implementing positive improvements and adhering to Government laws, rules, and ISO standards.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years, I hope to be an industry expert who people can turn to for advice, ideas, and strategies. I’ve had fantastic mentors in previous places, and now that I’m with UPF Group, I see more distinct icons and want to be able to provide comparable assistance. Finally, I’d like to take the initiative on initiatives that interest me to expand my skills and expertise and assume more responsibility within the company.